Is Your Car Talking to You?

Importance of Having Your Car Detailed - preston collision center
Importance of Having Your Car Detailed
August 27, 2018

Is Your Car Talking to You?

Is Your Car Talking to You? - preston collision center

Sometimes while driving, you hear nothing but the purring of your engine and the clicking of your turn signal; but there are times when a person can experience another set of noises they have never heard before. These noises are not desirable ones at all, and foreshadow the certainty of repairs and maintenance work ahead. There is no need to worry because there are cures to these thumping, crackling, grinding, and squeaking sounds your car is making. The first step to discovering, what your car is telling you, would be to diagnose the noise. There are three very common noises that are related to a number of common repairs.

1. Metal Grinding Noises

If you are hearing metal on metal grinding sounds coming from somewhere in your car, this could possibly be the brakes. Brakes are made up of balanced parts, each with a particular path that allow them to all harmoniously produce a common goal of stopping. If any of these parts are worn or off-set, it can create noises that sound like grinding. This means your car is probably in need of some new brake pads, or possibly even some new rotors. It is always best to have a certified technician take a look to be sure what the catalyst for the noise really is.

2. Loud Clinking Noises

If you are suddenly hearing a heavy thumping or clanging sound coming from your vehicle, there is no telling whether or not it’s a serious or complex repair without further investigating some areas. These sounds could be occurring for a number of reasons, such as worn out or broken joints on a drive shaft and bad shocks. On the minor side, sometimes you just have something really heavy in your trunk and you keep hitting bumps on the road. Check your trunk, and if it turns out that’s not the issue, contact an auto repair shop to investigate further for you.

3. Whistling Engines

This is not like the whistle of a train or trolley, but more like a hissing sound seeping out of your engine. Sometimes this sound is followed by heavy steam coming from the engine, and can even last after the car is turned off. The root of the whistling can be a variety of reasons, from cooling system leaks to overheated engines. Again, it is best to check with a professional to diagnose the issue accurately. You do not want to risk a faulty repair job on your only means of transportation!

Importance of Having Your Car Detailed

There’s no better feeling than getting into a brand new car. With it’s new car smell, shiny exterior and clean interior-you feel rather spoiled. After a car is driven for even a few days, the new car smell and look is gone rather quickly. While, you can’t bring a car back to brand new, you can make it clean and shiny again. Auto detailing is a great way to get you back to “almost” brand new again.

Car detailing is important because it not only makes your car look nicer, it often makes it more comfortable as well. The most popular reason for auto detailing is to make the car look it’s nicest. During the car detailing, the car will be waxed. The waxing actually makes the car look nicer, but also serves as paint protection. So, next time you drive on a gravel street or through a hail storm-you’ll know that your car’s paint is protected from chips and dents.

No one wants to sit in a dirty car, and auto detailing is a great way to ensure that your car is clean and comfortable. An interior detailing will leave your auto smelling wonderful, and looking it’s best. Besides offering cleanliness, an interior detailing can treat your seats and rugs with protectant, which will minimize further damage to your car.

Finally, by keeping your car clean and having frequent detail service done, you’ll be increasing your cars resale value. No one, a car dealership or a private buyer, wants to buy a dirty car. So remember, your automobile needs frequent car detailing to look nice, be comfortable and to increase it’s value.

To learn more about the auto detailing services offered by Preston Collision Centre, please feel free to stop by or give us a call.

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